Howrah Railway Station Enquiry Telephone Number : Howrah, West Bengal, India


Howrah railway station is the oldest station and largest railway
complex in India. It is one of the four intercity railway stations
serving the city of Kolkata, the others being Sealdah Station, Shalimar
Station and Kolkata railway station

Address: Station Rd, Howrah Railway Station, Howrah, West Bengal 711101

Howrah Railway Station Enquiry Number

Howrah old complex railway station enquiry phone number:
1310, 2660-2581 (manual),
1331, 1332 & 2660-3535 (IVRS).


Howrah new complex railway station enquiry phone number:

Phone number of Train Reservation Enquiry :
Phone number Train Schedule :
1310 (12 lines)
Phone number of Railway Central Enquiry, Kolkata :

Centralised Railway Enquiry phone number (Manual)
131, 22203535
Centralised Railway Enquiry phone number (IVRS)
1331, 22203545
Railway Reservation Enquiry, Kolkata phone number (Manual)
135, 22203496
Railway Reservation Enquiry, Kolkata phone number (Interactive Voice)
136(Eng), 137(Hindi), 138(Bengali)

Foreign Tourist Guide, Eastern Railway, Kolkata phone number
: 22204025
Metro Railways, Kolkata phone number : 22261054, 22457348, 22678081
Train Information phone number : 22202789

About Howrah railway station

Sealdah railway
station is one of the major railway stations serving Kolkata in India,
the others being Howrah Station, Shalimar Station, Santragachi Junction
and Kolkata Railway Station. Sealdah is one of the busiest railway
stations in India and an important suburban rail terminal. After
completion, Kolkata Metro Line 2 will pass through Sealdah.

Shalimar railway station enquiry phone number: 26681121.

Reservation enquiry: 138 (IVRS). For Railway reservation on the Net, visit

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